Teaching Expertise

Brisbane Girls Grammar School staff are essential to the rigour of the School’s academic programs, and provide students with the individualised care that allows them to succeed in all of their endeavours.

Quality teaching is understood as continually building knowledge, skills and ability in the complex work of diagnosing and appropriately responding to diverse learning needs.

Brisbane Girls Grammar School seeks to create a learning environment where a group’s collective as well as individual thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted as part of the regular, day-to-day experience of all involved in the learning process.

The classroom, under this construct, is a space where knowledge is learned and shared but also more importantly, created. Learning is deeply relational; the teacher’s experience, empathy and expertise are all essential to a successful lesson.

Academic and Professional staff at Girls Grammar demonstrate the School’s commitment to constant, life-wide learning. Almost 30 per cent of academic staff hold a Master’s Degree; 10 per cent of academic staff (and five per cent of professional staff) hold a Doctorate.

PhD Honour Roll

  • Dr Bruce Addison PhD, The University of Queensland (2007)
  • Dr Bernardo Alivz Iriarte, The University of Queensland (2022)
  • Dr Dominique Baines, Charles Sturt University (2020)
  • Dr Ruth Burnett EdD, Queensland University of Technology (2004)
  • Dr Alice Cranney, University of New South Wales (2017)
  • Dr Tony Cupitt, The University of Queensland (2023)
  • Dr Debra da Silva, University of Sydney (2009)
  • Dr Ann Farley PhD, Curtin University (2004)*
  • Dr Peter Jenkins, PhD, The University of Queensland (2005)
  • Dr Paula Johnson, PhD The University of Queensland (2009)
  • Dr Sam Peng, PhD, Liaoning University, China (2012)
  • Dr Sally-Anne Stephens, EdD Queensland University of Technology (1999)
  • Dr Juliet Stone, University of Nottingham, UK (2000)
  • Dr Rashna Tarapowella, PhD, The University of Queensland (2009)
  • Dr Keith Treschman, PhD, University of Southern Queensland (2016)*
  • Dr Phillipa Greig, EdD, Queensland University of Technology (2018)*
  • Dr Jody Forbes, PhD, Victoria University, (2021)


Girls Grammar staff currently completing Doctorate studies

  • Ms Susan Garson
  • Mr Andrew Pennay

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