Clubs & Activities

Through the School’s wide range of clubs and activities, Grammar girls can deepen their interests and discover new areas of passion that can bring fulfillment throughout their lives.

There is a place for every girl to develop her strengths and experience the joy of connecting with like-minded peers.

Many of the School’s clubs and activities have a community focus and challenge girls to develop skills in leadership, maturity, complex-reasoning and responsibility.

Da Vinci Decathlon

The da Vinci Decathlon is an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students. Students compete in teams across 10 disciplines including Science, English, Mathematics and Chess, Code Breaking, Engineering, Philosophy, Art and Poetry, Creative Producers, Cartography and General Knowledge. As the competition emphasises higher order thinking skills, problem-solving and creativity, it is a particularly good avenue for girls looking for extension.


The Opti-MINDS challenge is a team problem-solving competition, requiring creativity, and lateral-thinking and time management skills. Teams of seven students from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 solve problems in the areas of Language and Literature, Maths and Engineering and Social Sciences.

Anime Club

The Anime Club provides a forum for students to watch and discuss new anime series and share opinions and ideas.

Art Walks

Each term, Visual Art staff host an Art Walk at a Brisbane art gallery. Students, family members and friends of the Girls Grammar community are welcome to attend.

Art Workshops

Art Workshops aim to extend and enrich each student’s artistic abilities. Courses have included photography, printmaking, oil painting, life drawing, fashion design and experimental painting techniques.

Calligraphy Club

The Calligraphy Club enables students to practise and gain a greater understanding of this beautiful Japanese art form. Classes are led by a Master Calligrapher and no experience is required.

Digital Photography Club

The Digital Photography Club is a group for students with a passion for photography, who are interested in expanding their skills and sharing creative ideas at fortnightly meetings, workshops and selected School events. Students learn to use professional equipment and image editing software.

Gwen Harwood Society

The Gwen Harwood Society is a creative writing group for students interested in expressing themselves and developing their writing through poetry, prose or drama. Students participate in a variety of writing activities designed to stimulate their imaginations and develop their creative skills.

Libellum Society

The Libellum reading group meets weekly to preview new fiction purchased by the Beanland Memorial Library and review illustrated books, popular fiction and non-fiction titles, graphic novels and literature websites. The club also promotes writers festivals, book launches, writing competitions and book trailers. Students who love books will enjoy interacting with each other in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Slam Poetry

Slam Poetry is a club for poetry enthusiasts who wish to listen to poetry and share their own poems, with an annual competition held toward the end of the year.

Grammar Writers Group

The Grammar Writers Group involves students in Year 7 from Brisbane Girls Grammar School and Brisbane Grammar School. This group collaborates during a series of after school sessions to produce original short stories.


Fitness classes occur three times each week, including high-intensity, low-intensity and strength exercises. Classes are also tailored to specific sports, such as Athletics, Rowing and Water Polo.


Weekly yoga classes allow students to practise a range of poses and learn relaxation techniques from an experienced instructor.


Apollo is a book club of invited and self‐nominated Brisbane Grammar School and Brisbane Girls Grammar School senior students who meet to discuss a challenging range of texts in a rigorous and entertaining manner.


Athene comprises invited senior students from Brisbane Girls Grammar School and Brisbane Grammar School. At each meeting, Year 12 Athenians present researched papers of between five and 10 minutes on an issue of philosophical, political, social or otherwise topical interest. The papers are followed by 30 to 40 minutes of spirited discussion.

Chinese Club

Students are able to broaden their understanding of Chinese language, food, culture and history.

History Competitions

Students are invited to submit their work as part of competitions coordinated by the Queensland History Teachers Association.

Kleio Society

The Kleio Society is a group for those who are enthusiastic about the Ancient World. At meetings, students explore what life was like for ancient Grecians, Romans and Egyptians. The group also plans activities to promote the study of history and raise funds to assist with the purchase of antiquities, which in the past have been donated to the UQ Antiquities Museum.

UN Club

The United Nations Club allows students from Years 10 to 12 to discuss current international, national and local issues that affect our world. The club provides opportunities to meet diplomats, politicians, university lecturers and other members of the global community, as well as other young adults from schools across Queensland at conferences and competitions.

Mathematics Competitions and Sigma (∑) Maths

Sigma (∑) Maths gives students who enjoy the challenge of Mathematics the opportunity to engage in a variety of pursuits beyond the Mathematics classroom. Throughout the year, students can participate in problem-solving competitions, including local events organised by the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers and national competitions organised by the Australian Mathematics Trust.

During the year, students can participate in special School events to celebrate the diverse nature of Mathematics, such as the Year 7 Maths Quiz, the Year 8 Maths Mania Afternoon and the ever‐popular Year 9 and 10 Math camp at Marrapatta.

Students are also encouraged to attempt the ‘Problem of the Week’ and attend Sigma (∑) Maths afternoons to hear topics of interest presented in a workshop setting.


Students are able to practise their technical and performance skills by participating in short busking opportunities at lunch times during the term.

Songwriter Studio

Songwriter Studio provides song-writing extension and acceleration with tailored instruction for individual students. Songwriter Studio is offered to students who demonstrate substantial skill in song-writing and is designed to prepare students to run a Songwriter Showcase at the School’s annual Open Day in Term 3. Students participate in weekly lessons involving song-writing, masterclasses, writing sessions and critique sessions, with guest performers and presenters including past students.

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club allows curious students further opportunities to explore space and its many phenomena. Using telescopes at the School’s Dorothy Hill Observatory and a range of software, students are able to practise astrophotography, better understand celestial objects and their properties, and discuss the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs in the field of astronomy and space exploration.

Australian Science Olympiads

The Australian Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiads provide valuable experience in working with other students and teachers who are passionate about Science. Students can launch themselves into the International Science Olympiads (ISO)—regarded as the ‘Olympic Games for Science Students’—by being involved with the Australian Science Olympiad (ASO) program.

Titration Competition

The Titration competition aims to encourage students who enjoy practical chemistry to develop their skills, and rewards those who develop a high level of proficiency. Throughout the training process, students improve their precision, accuracy and persistence.


Coders Club

Coders Club educates students in foundational computer science through various computational thinking challenges, before teaching essential skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Students are then able to investigate Python, Robotics and Maker Space technologies using MaKey MaKey, Little Bits and Arduino systems. Throughout the year, club members have the opportunity to work toward State, National and International competitions such as the Young ICT Explorers (YICTE) and iAwards.

Technologies Club

The Technologies Club allows students to learn about the latest innovations and technologies across various design industries. Workshop activities instil some of the key skills essential for success in our rapidly changing world: entrepreneurship, innovative thinking, dynamic creativity, technical skills and design basics for prototyping. Students learn leadership, team building, project management, business planning, public speaking, marketing, collaboration, writing and presentation skills.


Students are introduced to the rules of chess and presented with patterns and strategies to improve their abilities, developing the logical, planning and sequential aspects of the brain. Students may also play against a computer.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Scheme is a program that encourages young people aged 14 to 25 to participate in a large cross-section of experiences and activities. The Scheme aims to develop qualities of maturity, self‐confidence, responsibility and willingness to help others.


Ecoman prepares selected students to participate in an intensive three‐day business skills program designed to simulate the operations of a medium-sized manufacturing company over a four‐year period.

Future Problem Solving

Future Problem Solving is a research-based, academic program that teaches problem solving strategies, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and effective communication.

Student Entrepreneur Club

Student Entrepreneur Club provides a forum and a support network for budding entrepreneurs in Year 11 and Year 12 to generate business ideas and develop their business plan. The 10-week program will guide participants through undertaking competitor analysis, identifying a target market, making a minimal viable product, formulating pricing strategies and pitching their idea to potential investors. This program aims to develop 21st century transferable skills.

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