Brisbane Girls Grammar School is one of Australia’s leading girls’ schools, employing more than 200 staff across Academic and Professional roles.

The School’s outstanding reputation as a leader in exceptional scholarship is exemplified by its dedicated staff, who contribute to the provision of a broad, liberal education in a high-performing, collaborative and supportive environment.

Staff at Brisbane Girls Grammar School are passionate about girls’ education and the delivery of the School’s Aspiration to establish the educational foundation for girls to contribute confidently to their world.

Why work for us? At Girls Grammar you will …

Staff at Girls Grammar have access to a range of employee benefits, including:

  • extensive career and professional development opportunities
  • 13.75 per cent superannuation
  • inclusion in the School’s Salary Continuance Plan (eligible staff)
  • salary packaging options
  • generous long service and paid parental leave (eligible staff)
  • partial remission of tuition fees (eligible staff)
  • an active Social Club, with events and activities offered throughout the year
  • wellbeing services, including Mindfulness and Employee Assistance programs
  • excellent facilities with innovative technology
  • a collegial and supportive working environment.

Prospective staff are invited to view the Brisbane Girls Grammar School Enterprise Agreement 2022 which covers Academic and Professional staff.

  1. Work culture: you can create resources from the ground up

At BGGS, our work culture celebrates creativity, ingenuity and thinking outside the box. Teachers use their expertise to create resources that are tailored, specific and focused on what they want to achieve—they have the agency to develop the best possible resources

2. You: We are at the forefront of technology and education

Teachers have access to the equipment they need to teach in innovative, and forward-thinking ways. Whether it be virtual reality goggles or music recording equipment (or the chance to teach outside and be technology free!), you will have access to what you need.

3. Purpose: You are given the tools you need to thrive

Academic and professional staff have access to the resources they need to do their jobs—whether you work in the classroom, in Finance, Facilities or IT.

4. Values and community: Our people grow and learn from each other

Ensuring our staff can continue to grow professionally is important. Our staff share their expertise, experience and knowledge with one another (and their students) to develop as professionals. The collegial environment at BGGS stretches academic and professional boundaries, and there is always a chance to learn from one another.

5. You: We invest in your success, always

We know how important our people are, and we are committed to supporting them to succeed. All of our people contribute to BGGS’ success, and every role is important.

The education a student receives at Girls Grammar is an investment in the future. The pathways the girls take after graduation are as diverse as their academic and co-curricular talents, which are nurtured by all staff at the School. What unites everyone here is enriching students’ lives through learning.

In 1875, when Sir Charles Lilley, former Premier and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland, revolutionised education across the state by establishing a girls’ school, the world was very different to today. His vision to create a girls’ school was so far ahead of its time that it was viewed as a radical ‘experiment’. Now, Girls Grammar is considered one of Australia’s leading schools, and our staff have carried on Sir Lilley’s vision with the utmost respect.

Every staff member at Girls Grammar, past and present, has contributed immensely to our proud legacy. The School will mark its 150-year milestone in 2025, and we have come a long way since the foundations were laid in a two-storey house on George Street in 1875.

What hasn’t changed is our purpose: to enrich lives through learning. At BGGS, we know we are part of something extraordinary, something that has shaped the lives of thousands of girls and young women over the past 150 years. And, we know that the School will continue to establish the educational foundation for young women to contribute confidently to the world with wisdom, imagination and integrity.

As one of Australia’s leading girls’ schools, Girls Grammar has created a home for staff and students to excel—whatever their area of interest. Being part of the BGGS community means you are supported and encouraged to thrive in a high-performing environment.

Thriving within and beyond the classroom

Whether it be stretching the boundaries of classroom learning, professional development, maintaining the campus or leading a team, BGGS staff are encouraged to achieve their personal best.

The support of your colleagues

Our people are open, collegial and supportive, and make walking through the Girls Grammar doors an enjoyable experience each day.

The shared sense of purpose among staff creates a welcoming environment in which everyone is supported and encouraged.

The importance of community

The Girls Grammar community is made up of current and former staff, students and parents, alumnae and, beyond—the School is proud to be part of the wider community.

The sense that the BGGS community extends far and wide creates a sense of belonging, responsibility and pride—our staff know they are part of something important, and we take that seriously.

In Their Words

In Their Words tells the stories of Girls Grammar staff. Each staff member brings a unique perspective and personal history to the School, and plays an essential role in supporting students and families in their academic and co-curricular endeavours.

In Their Words shares the stories of a diverse range of academic and professional Girls Grammar staff, showcasing their interests, anecdotes and experiences and providing an insight into what Girls Grammar means to them.