Educational Travel

Global thinking is an essential aspect of the School’s approach to learning. Grammar girls are empowered to venture beyond the School’s picket fence to test the unfamiliar and gain different perspectives.

By interacting with people and cultures, technology, texts and contexts other than their own, girls practise life-wide learning and gain experiences that shape their decision-making and personal growth.

International learning opportunities provide Grammar girls the chance to expand their horizons, immersing themselves in new cultures while completing a range of academic and co-curricular activities.

Language Study Tours

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 can visit and study at one of our five International Affiliate Schools, located in France, China, Germany and Japan. These tours enhance classroom language learning, by cultivating linguistic, social and cultural experiences. Students undertake formal language study, live with a host family and visit significant local attractions.

US Space Trip

The School’s biennial trip to the US Space and Rocket Centre’s residential program, commonly known as Space Camp, allows girls to experience astronaut and fighter pilot training in a simulated and safe environment. Space Camp programs incorporate curriculum subjects such as Mathematics, Science and Digital and Design Technologies, but importantly also help students develop teamwork, self-confidence, independence, and a sense of responsibility while developing their problem-solving and decision-making capacities.

Staff members assist girls to attend programs and courses that build upon their School learning and provide real-world, employable skills for their future endeavours.

Australian Combined Schools Music Festival

This biennial Music festival allows Grammar girls to perform for their peers from around the country.


International competitions are valuable not only in their pursuit of academic rigour, but also in bringing together young people from diverse cultures around the world to foster understanding of global perspectives on topics and issues of relevance to us all.

International Young Physicists Tournament (IYPT)

This premier international physics competition involves extensive research into complex phenomena at levels beyond normal Senior Physics courses. Students compete in a national qualifying tournament, which informs selection for the Australian team. There has been at least one Grammar girl in the Australian team since the School’s involvement began in 1998.

Junior Young Physicists Tournament (JYPT)

This junior version of IYPT involves teams from schools across the Asia-Pacific Region, which engage in theoretical and experimental research before the event, and present and defend their findings at the tournament.

Connections to Service

As an extension of the School’s Service Program, Girls Grammar offers opportunities to contribute to global initiatives.