Philosophy of Learning

The School’s commitment to exceptional teaching provides authentic and empowering learning environments for students. Teachers foster rigour and deep understanding, educating students to use disciplined and critical inquiry. Students are taught to understand connectedness across different contexts and become engaged with their learning and the learning process.

Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s curriculum is designed to nurture exceptional scholarship and to educate students in a broad and liberal way by ensuring that they are engaged in a wide range of disciplines. The curriculum is based on the School’s philosophy of learning, which encompasses the three key elements of knowledge, skills and teaching practice (pedagogy).

By focusing on learning how to learn well, promoting a positive learning mindset, and maximising learning with productive cognitive and behavioural techniques, teachers emphasise the capacity of an individual to learn, educating the girls to embrace academic challenges and how to benefit from struggles they may encounter.

In Year 7, students complete the Philosophy of Learning course. The program incorporates:

  • academic fitness—the ability to respond to academic tasks
  • reflection—recognising achievement and opportunities for improvement
  • mindset—adopting a positive approach to learning
  • personal bests—setting individual goals
  • OWL (Organisation, Wise use of technology, Listening)—using the right tools for the learning task
  • brain power and exercise—using the whole body appropriately.