Student Care

Students’ intellectual, emotional and social development is nurtured through Girls Grammar’s comprehensive Student Care Program.

Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s holistic approach to wellbeing helps girls to understand their emotions, support and empathise with others, and encourages them to embrace and overcome challenges in pursuit of their goals.

Creating a warm and welcoming community with authentic and positive relationships is important for students’ wellbeing. At Girls Grammar, expert teachers and staff ensure that girls receive the understanding, care and support they need during the crucial stage of adolescence.

Girls Grammar’s Wellbeing Strategy outlines the School’s strategic approach to an exceptional holistic education by engaging and fostering positive relationships with students, staff and parents. We provide best practice, evidenced-based and individualised wellbeing curriculum to students, staff and parents and offer comprehensive specialised programs and support, to ensure a complete and coordinated whole-school, community-inclusive approach to student wellbeing.

House Structure

The School’s House Structure is a strong and distinguishing feature of Girls Grammar’s learning environment. Girls are supported to develop as unique individuals and contribute as members of the larger, connected School community.

The School’s nine Houses comprise girls from each Year Level and are led by a Head of House with six House Group Teachers.

Individualised Support

Brisbane Girls Grammar School has a proud tradition of nurturing accomplished, confident young women. Student Care Programs teach girls how to balance their learning requirements with their emotional and social development, within a supportive framework of individualised care.

Initiatives such as the .b Mindfulness in Schools Program support girls to be healthy, happy and balanced, while the Student Counselling Service provides tailored advice and strategies to navigate academic, emotional and personal concerns.

Partnerships with Parents

The School offers a range of events and activities to equip parents with information and strategies relevant to their daughter’s intellectual, emotional and social development.

Brisbane Girls Grammar School prioritises partnerships with families in supporting students to explore their identity and to develop into confident Grammar Women.

Parent Information and Resources

In addition to a range of parent information events held throughout the year, the School provides access to online resources from leading experts and peak parenting bodies across Australia.

Floreamus Centre

The newly opened Floreamus Centre offers students the ability to seek medical and psychological care throughout the School day. The Centre comprises a team of clinical psychologists, school nurses and mindfulness experts.