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2020 -60 Year Reunion -Celebrating the starting class of 1957

We understand that due to COVID-19, not all alumnae will be able to return to Girls Grammar to attend their milestone reunions in 2020. We look forward to celebrating with those alumnae who can attend.

All BGGS events are being hosted in alignment with the COVIDSafe plans of each individual venue. By registering to attend, and in attending any BGGS events, you are agreeing to comply with the COVIDSafe requirements of each venue, as communicated to attendees.

Cancellations are permitted up to 48 hours prior to this event, with the ticket price refunded in full.

For more information about your reunion celebration, please contact Alumnae Relations Manager, Antonia Swindells.

Saturday 6 March 2021
11:00am to 2:00pm
Annie Mackay Room, Barbara Fielding Room
Bookings opening late February 2020