Remote Learning from the HPE Classroom

With the current restrictions on organised sport the Health and Physical Education, and Sport faculties, are embracing technology to help students remain active and engaged at home—both during lessons and in their own time.

Health and Physical Education staff have been engaging with their classes in the physical performance space using Zoom. In the past week, we have seen Year 10 Physical Education students completing Sport Aerobics lessons and learning routines with Ms Jane Martel and Ms Kayley McCorley. Mrs Raechelle Finch has been actively participating in class workouts with her Year 9 and 10 Health and Physical Education classes. Mrs Alice Dabelstein ran a ball skills lesson with 7 Hirschfeld and Ms Amy Penberthy engaged Year 7 Griffith students with a fun skipping skills session. It has been wonderful to see girls engaged in physical activity and, in many cases, moving outside to their patios, decks and backyards to complete the lessons.

The Sport Faculty have also been looking for ways to embrace technology. Along with an array of At-Home Workouts available on the Remote Learning page on Minerva, Sports Manager, Mr Mulligan and Cross Country Head Coach, Mr Tim Franklin, have commenced live Zoom At-Home Workout sessions for students and staff. It was great to see Head Girl, Abbey Grice (12E), Sports Captains, Amelia Perrin (12H) and Saee Sane (12O), and School Service Captain Gia Cayas (12G), participate in the first session on Wednesday 29 April, along with a number of other students. These sessions will occur every Monday and Wednesday morning. Girls are encouraged to log on at 6.55 am, ready for a 7 am start, and have a towel and water bottle with them. Links to these sessions can be found on the At- Home Workout page on Minerva. Currently, we are unable to open these live Zoom sessions to girls on campus; however, we are hopeful this may change soon.

Ms Jane Martel
Head of HPE Curriculum Development

Year 7 Griffith students participate, from home or at school, in a skipping lesson with Ms Amy Penberthy

Sports Manager, Mr Liam Mulligan, and Cross Country Head Coach, Mr Tim Franklin, conduct a live At-Home Workout

Head of HPE Curriculum Development, Ms Jane Martel, teaches a virtual Sport Aerobics lesson

HPE Teacher, Ms Kayley McCorley, leads her Year 10 class in a set of push ups