Year 10 Economics—Question the Unquestioned in a Fast-changing World

Congratulations to the following students for winning the 2021 Year 10 Economics Book cover design competition:

    • 1st prize winner: Grace Thompson (10W)
    • 2nd prize winners: Cynthia Su (10G), Brooke Tolhurst (10R), Erin McNab (10B)
    • 3rd prize winner: Genevieve Playford (10H)

The winning design by Grace Thompson (10W), will feature as the book cover for the Year 10 Term 1 Economics project, Question the Unquestioned—Why Economics Explains Almost Everything. The project has sparked great curiosity and enabled students to see the inner logic of the world around them as they raised and probed a wide range of questions by applying economic analysis. For example, why did Australia stop using the one and two-cent coins as currency? Why are Queensland property prices increasing despite COVID-19? Why is it so difficult to buy a Birkin bag at a Hermès store? Why is fresh produce located at the front of supermarkets, but milk is at the back?

The winning entry by Grace Thompson (10W)

Grace provided the following commentary on her winning design:

‘The design itself is an off-white paper that looks much like a book on which is has  been scribbled. There is a large, pencil-drawn question mark on the front cover and the spine, signifying the many questions that Year 10 students came up with. The idea behind the many scribbles on the page is the state that my brain took on the journey of writing this assignment—all over the place. On the back cover is a quote from Albert Einstein, stating, ‘The important thing is not to stop questioning’. The quote was chosen as it directly links to the idea of continually asking questions. The asymmetrical design ties into the chaos that is our brains and all our ideas coming together to create one big genius and imaginative mess.’ Grace Thompson (10W)

Dr Sam Peng

Head of Economics