Sigma Maths

Maths Team Challenge

On Friday 24 May, 20 girls from Years 7 to 10 attended the Maths Team Challenge at Indooroopilly State High School. There were two rounds in this competition—a team challenge and a relay event. The girls enjoyed working cooperatively to solve a series of interesting problems.

Maths Challenge for Young Australians

For four weeks, Year 8, 9 and 10 mathematicians have worked diligently on six challenging problems. Weekly meetings provided opportunities for girls to work together and discuss the ideas presented in the problems. Final solutions were submitted in Week 9 and results will be available in Term 3.

Year 7 Maths Quiz

On Thursday 13 June, students participated in the annual Year 7 Maths Quiz. Teams comprising three students from each house competed in four rounds of math problems.

Congratulations to all competitors in the Year 7 Maths Quiz and a special mention to Woolcock House on winning. Thank you to Mrs Mazzaglia and the Mathematics Faculty for organising the event. We thoroughly enjoyed being involved and the delicious afternoon tea after the competition.

Isabella Smith (7W) and Sargun Virk (7W)

Maths for Young Australians Enrichment Problem Solving competition

A committed group of Year 8, 9 and 10 girls attended a series of workshops as part of the Enrichment Problem Solving competition, which is held in Term 2 and 3. Term 2 workshops included topics such as Congruence and Pythagoras’ Theorem, and using spreadsheets to solve mathematical problems.

Year 7 Sigma Maths Workshops

The Year 7 Sigma Maths Group has continued to meet throughout Term 2. Girls Grammar has entered the Australian Problem Solving Mathematics Olympiads and completed the first two of five Olympiads.

The Sigma Maths Problem of the Week

Each fortnight, a senior and junior problem of the week is available on the Sigma Maths page on Moodle. Past problems and solutions are available should the girls wish to access them.

Mathematical opportunities available in Term 3 include:

  • Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers Year 7 and 8 Quiz
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Maths for Young Australians Enrichment Workshops
  • Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad
  • Year 7 Sigma Maths
  • Mathapatta
  • Sigma Maths Problem of the Week

All Sigma Maths events are advertised in the Daily Notices and students can nominate for these activities by visiting the Sigma Maths page on Moodle.

Mrs Lee Mazzaglia
Sigma Maths Coordinator