Sigma Maths 2021

The Sigma Maths Program offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of mathematical experiences outside the classroom. The girls enjoy the challenge of competitions and workshops and welcome the opportunity to share their love of the subject with like-minded students.

Below is a summary of the activities offered during Semester 1.

Year 8 Maths Team Challenge

On Monday 22 February, 45 Year 8 girls came together for an afternoon of mathematical challenges and fun. The girls completed three rounds of competition—a group problem-solving competition, a mathematical relay, and a very popular round of trivia.
Congratulations to the winning team, ‘No Name’: Emily Jiang (8B), Stephanie Ku (8B), Vivian Wang (8B), E Lyn Won (8B), Amy Lin (8B) and Shavini Basnayake (8H).

Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers Problem Solving Competition

In a break from tradition, this competition was held at Girls Grammar for our 24 competitors from Years 8 to 12. The girls had two hours to complete a series of challenging problems under exam conditions. Congratulations to Samantha Tang (12L) who finished in second place in the Year 12 division and Kathryn Petersen (9O), who was Highly Commended for her efforts in the Year 9 section.

Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition

On Tuesday March 23, 40 girls from Years 7 to 10 entered the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition. In the weeks leading up to the competition, the girls attended an after-school workshop and worked on past papers to ensure they were well prepared for this exciting competition. Congratulations to Anna Hodge (7L) who achieved a High Distinction, and to Alexis Cho (7M), Alisa Wang (7R), Cindy Zhang (7L), Matea Diss (8W), Ruby Galligan (9R), Vani Ranjan (9G) and Asha Stewart (9G), who were awarded Certificates of Distinction.

Maths Team Challenge

Four Girls Grammar teams consisting of students from Years 7 to 10 attended the Maths Team Challenge at Indooroopilly State High School on Friday 21 May. The girls enjoyed the day, working cooperatively to solve a series of challenging problems. Congratulations to Choe Chau (7G), Alisa Wang (7R), Eliza Hoyling (8O), Emily Kua (8G) and Sabrina Yong Gee (8H) who finished in Third place in the Junior Division.

Year 7 Sigma Maths Workshops

The Term One Sigma Maths workshops focussed on problem-solving strategies and preparation for the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition. During Term 2, the girls participated in the first three rounds of the Australian Problem-Solving Mathematics Olympiad. The girls enjoyed the challenge of these problems and engaged in some lively discussion of the solutions after each round.

Maths for Young Australians

Students from Years 8 to 10 were invited to nominate for two extended problem-solving competitions organised by the Australian Mathematics Trust.

The Maths Challenge, consisting of six challenging problems, ran for a period of four weeks in Term 2. We are eagerly awaiting our results which will be available late in Term 3.

The Enrichment program runs throughout Terms 2 and 3 for students in Years 8 to 10. Workshops for students in Years 8 and 9 included Parallels, Similarity and Pythagoras’ Theorem. The girls then worked on a series of problems based on these topics.


The highlight of the Sigma Maths year is our annual maths camp, Mathapatta. On Sunday 23 May, a group of very keen Year 9 and 10 mathematicians and their teachers boarded a bus bound for Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Centre.  The girls participated in workshops on Congruence, Numbers in Other Bases, Game Theory, and Cryptography. They developed mathematical models to represent real life situations and competed in the Great Race as they navigated their way around the Marrapatta campus.

Year 7 Interhouse Maths Quiz

This event is one of the Year 7 mathematical calendar highlights, with teams from each of the nine Houses competing in an afternoon of mathematical fun. There were four rounds of competition, with teams of three competing in each round. The final round of trivia was very popular, with all team members working together in this event. The victorious House for 2021 was Griffith.

AMOC Queensland Training program

Congratulations to Angelina Zeng (7B), Jiya Dhanani (7L), Emily Kua (8G), Grace Gong (8O), Kathryn Petersen (9O) and Ruby Galligan (9R) on their invitation to participate in an intermediate Mathematical Olympiad enrichment program in preparation for the Australian Intermediate Maths Olympiad in September.

Sigma Maths Problem of the Week

The Sigma Maths Problem of the Week continues to be popular with many girls submitting attempts for each problem. The girls receive a certificate and Sigma Maths pencil to recognise their achievement in successfully solving the problem.

Mathematical opportunities offered during Term 3

  • Maths for Young Australians—Enrichment (Years 8 to 10)
  • Year 7 Sigma Maths APSMO rounds 4 and 5
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • QAMT Year 7 and 8 Quiz
  • Australian Intermediate Maths Olympiad
  • Sigma Maths Problem of the Week

All events are advertised in the Daily Notices and the girls can sign up via the Sigma Maths page on Minerva.

Mrs Lee Mazzaglia

Sigma Maths Coordinator

Carys De Jager (9E), Levi Gao (9G), Janet Su (10E), Trish Chow (10H) and Renee Liang (10M)

Bungee Barbie at Mathapatta

Ajin Kyoung (8H) and Zarli Min (8H)

Sarah Mcdonald (7H), Helen Thai (7H), Anna Vu (7H), Elizabeth Nash (7H), Jessica Patten (7H) and Cadence Chang (7H)