Green Space in Remote Learning

Time spent outside in nature can be a welcome break that boosts our mental wellness and physical health. Research indicates there are a range of benefits associated with being in nature.

Recognising that in periods of isolation it would be easy to spend large amounts of time inside interacting with technology, Marrapatta staff have devised some simple activities to encourage students to spend more time outside. There are a range of activities under ‘Green Space’ on the Remote Learning page on Minerva including activities that can be performed on balconies, in backyards and local parks.

In their Ethics lessons last week, Year 10 students searched for examples of Girls Grammar House colours in their natural landscapes and shared their findings on Minerva. Realising that nature is not just a mix of green and brown, by looking more purposefully, students found the vibrant colours of Girls Grammar could be easily found.

This week Outdoor Education Teacher, Mr Michael Ramsay, also encouraged Year 9 students to focus on the diversity of patterns that can be identified outside.

Even with our Year 11 and 12 girls returning to school, it is still important students incorporate ‘outside time’ into their schedules to ensure essential brain breaks and wellbeing. For example, this week I asked Year 11 students to identify ways in which nature demonstrates robustness and resilience.

Students and families are encouraged to make use of the ‘Green Space’ activities and share their results on Minerva.

Mrs Carol McIntosh
Outdoor Education Teacher

*The banner photo is a collection of the House colours found at the School’s Marrapatta Campus. 

Alexis Zacharyga (10O)

Sally Grice (10E)

Shanna Heath (10L)

Mia Sinclair (10R)