A lifetime of learning: From the Chair of the Board of Trustees

Each day, in big ways and small, our teachers enrich the lives of Grammar girls—in the classroom, on the sporting field or stage, during lunch break, at Interhouse competitions, and beyond. I know our community of Grammar Women reading this article will remember how their teachers inspired, empowered and challenged them.

One of the most enduring lessons I remember from my days as a Grammar girl was to be open to opportunities to learn—at all times—in all circumstances. What you learn while playing sport or during rehearsals for a Drama Production will always be applicable beyond the stage or field. My teachers instilled in me the concept that every interaction with every person was a chance to gain new knowledge—there is always something to learn. This is a notion I hold close today, and I know one that will be important for the 249 Grammar girls who became Grammar Women last month. They will be reading this Newsletter for the first time, confirming the next, exciting chapter in their life and hopefully be excited about joining a network that spans the globe—generations of former Grammar girls, who continue to establish successful careers, realise their dreams, chase extraordinary goals, travel the world, create families, and forge lifelong friendships.

I hope the women who join our Grammar sisterhood continue to learn and grow. There is so much to learn, as detailed in this Newsletter, with pieces from Dr Barbara Burge (Payne, 1950), who pursued a career in medicine during a time when men dominated the profession, and Sarvashree Singh (Head Girl, 2014), whose incredible work as an Immigration Lawyer enabled her to help those fleeing Afghanistan after the Taliban regained power.

I hope that, like these women, our newest graduates have courage in their convictions. My parting words come from Amanda Angelini (1989), this year’s Valedictory Speaker: ‘there is no right path, there is no wrong path … but there is your path’.

Happy holidays to you and your families—I hope it’s a joyous, restful and restorative time. Thank you for another wonderful year.

Ms Julie McKay (2000)
Chair of the Board of Trustees