Spirit, inclusivity, and growth—from the 2022 Head Girls

As Head Girls, we began our year filled with a great sense of hope. We had faith that the entire student body would support us—and each other—in ensuring that 2022 was not only a successful year but a memorable one. We are glad to say that our hopes have been realised and fulfilled beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Our 2022 Student Council first decided on three aspects we wanted to further develop and foster: spirit; inclusivity; and growth. From there, we created our motto—Bloom with the Blue. While short in length, our motto is big in meaning. We hoped it would inspire our Grammar sisters to strive for success—to bloom—with more confidence than ever before. We wanted them to be comforted and uplifted by the endless support of the School community and to be able to carry the motto and foundations they learned at Girls Grammar.

Throughout the year, our goal of enhancing spirit, inclusivity, and growth in our community was met with outstanding triumph in all areas of Grammar life. Some notable highlights of the year included QGSSSA Swimming in Term 1 and Athletics in Term 3 and the re-introduction of the much-anticipated Year 12 ‘Bi-Grammar’ competition against Brisbane Grammar School. Our senior cohort eagerly participated in three separate rounds—Touch Football, a ‘Battle of the Bands’, and Netball—with Girls Grammar ultimately winning, narrowly beating the boys next door 2-1.

Reflecting on the year more generally as Head Girls, we could not possibly feel prouder of how every member of our BGGS community embraced all that this year had to offer despite difficult circumstances. It seems that, though we started with online learning, a flood, and seemingly had every special event in the pouring rain, our Grammar spirit proved thoroughly unsinkable. We probably shouldn’t be surprised: like flowers, Grammar girls grow and bloom strongest after the most challenging seasons.

So, as we bid goodbye to Brisbane Girls Grammar School, and feel thankful to have experienced a BGGS education, we wish all the girls the best as they continue their BGGS journey, carrying with them the lessons learned this year. Like all the Grammar Women who have graduated before us, we hope our Grammar sisters remember that wherever they are, wherever they go, and whomever they become, they will always have the support of BGGS behind them.

They will always be able to Bloom with the Blue.

Georgia (Gigi) Souyave-Murphy (12W) and Isabel Stephens (12M)

Georgia (Gigi) Souyave-Murphy (12W) and Isabel Stephens (12M)