From the Alumnae Relations Manager

Welcome to the second edition of Bishbar Blue for 2021.

In this volume of our School’s newsletter for Grammar Women, we proudly acknowledge all those who have made the purposeful decision to give back to the community around them. Giving takes many forms—whether through volunteering your time, offering your skills, supporting a cause financially, or joining others to advocate for equity and equality. Giving, in whatever form, allows us all to make a lasting impact. Over the years, when interviewing alumnae to be profiled in this newsletter, I have noticed that many talk about the satisfaction of being able to give back: to make a lasting difference; strengthen communities; broaden networks; or simply gain a new perspective.

This admirable trait continues to be demonstrated by some of our newest graduates who have recently helped the School successfully launch the Grammar Women–Grammar Girls Mentoring Program.

While many of our recent graduates return to Girls Grammar to coach sporting teams or other co-curricular activities, this new initiative is helping to further strengthen connections between current students and alumnae in other meaningful and rewarding ways.

Each semester, volunteer alumnae mentors guide and support Year 10 and Year 11 students to establish and attain their academic, personal or other goals. In addition to benefiting the mentees, this program encourages our Grammar graduates to share their expertise and insight with current students, while also developing their own mentoring and leadership skills.

Giving for lasting impact does not need to be to be a significant, planned, ‘once-off’ event. It can also be the incremental accumulation of small actions that are incorporated into our day-to-day lives, forming part of our inherent character every day over a long period of time.

Late last year, 82-year-old Grammar Woman and long-serving educator Dell Rathbone (1954) received the highest accolade for teaching in Queensland when she won the 2020 Queensland College of Teachers Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching.

With a distinguished career in the teaching profession spanning more than six decades, Dell is an inspirational educator, with a lifelong commitment to the education of all students whatever their ability level or circumstances.

Every day around the world, there are Grammar Women making a difference and contributing to positive change and strong communities.

I hope you enjoy reading some of their stories in this edition.

Ms Antonia Swindells
Alumnae Relations Manager