From the Archives: school trips and excursions

While at School, Grammar girls have travelled to many corners of Australia and beyond.

As the world begins to reopen, we hope you enjoy these photos from the archives where students have combined their educational interests with travel.

From an excursion to the Spring Hill Baths, to a school trip to the ski fields—leaving the classroom to venture outdoors was always an exciting time for Grammar girls.

1929 – School Excursion to Cairns

1929 – School Excursion to Cairns, The Gordon Vale Sugar Mill

1941 – Students walk to the Spring Hill Baths

1957 – Zoology Excursion to Caloundra

1960 – Zoology Excursion to Heron Island

1969 – III Form on a Geography Excursion to Nambour

1970 – Fraser Island Excursion

1978 – Ski Trip to Smiggen Holes

1989 – Japan School Trip

2003 – NASA Space Camp

2006 – Antipodeans School Trip to India