From the Art Collection

In February the School received a generous donation of three works from Grammar Woman and Artist, Nan Dingle (1957).

The Source, pictured below, is representative of Ms Dingle’s style as an oil landscapist and was entered in the prestigious Redcliffe Art Society’s Annual Exhibition, where it won the Overall First Prize in 2013.

Based on several landscapes done after explorations in tropical north Queensland, specifically the Ingham district, Nan’s imagination has worked the reality further. This massive rockwall with a typical sparse treeline reveals an unusual spring of clear water spurting directly out from halfway up the face. From this source, the valley below is luxuriant green and a little ‘otherworldly’.

According to Nan, massive obstacles can yield unexpected breakthroughs that enrich our lives. Her intention is to create landscapes to stimulate thought about the native Australian environment, and about ourselves in it.

Ms Lorraine Thornquist
Manager of Collections

'The Source'