From the Art Collection

Historically, Year 12 graduating classes would offer the School a gift upon leaving Girls Grammar. In 2000, the Year 12 cohort gifted a tiled mosaic entitled, Dream It, Dare It, Do It, which is now located in front of the Main Building.

The concept of the mosaic was initiated by the mother of Head Girl, Eleni Anthony (2000), and Year 12 student Emma Montague (2000) sketched the design. Emma has since established a successful career in the arts, opening her own design studio and creating a fashion collection comprising jewellery and eyewear.

The Year 12 students fundraised the project and various artists were invited to tender for the work. Artist, Cate Collopy, was chosen to create the mosaic.

The mosaic features hand-cut and vitrified porcelain tiles in a multi-colour, site-specific design. Grammar girls in their distinctive blue and white uniform are depicted in a background reflecting House colours and the piece is finished with the 2000 Year 12 Student Council motto, Dream It, Dare It, Do It, in contrasting laser-cut stainless steel lettering.

The art and beauty of the mosaic has long been valued across history and this work is unique in the School’s collection.

Mrs Lorraine Thornquist
Manager of Collections