From the Head Girls: A Year of Love, Teamwork and Spirit

Arwen Dias-Jayasinha (12G) and Abbey Grice (12E)
Head Girls

At this year’s Year 12 Leadership Induction, we looked forward to 2020 as ‘a new year, a new decade, with new leaders, and new beginnings’ because, while we could have never predicted the experiences the year has brought, we always knew it would be one to remember. From the day our cohort walked through the picket fence for the first time, we were unique. As the School’s first Year 7 students, we not only embraced everything Girls Grammar has to offer, but also formed a truly special bond. This bond only strengthened as we prepared for the new ATAR system and—with the challenges of every new marking guide, assessment piece, and QCAA guideline—we consistently demonstrated resilience, perseverance, and most importantly, enthusiasm.

These defining qualities are represented in our school motto for this year: ‘2020, me and you, be the glue that binds the blue’. As the only cohort to include their year in the motto, we saw 2020 not just as a memento of the year we graduated, but as a symbol of the new decade and journey we are all entering—together. And, unbeknownst to us, our motto could not have encapsulated the spirit and disposition needed to thrive in this current world more perfectly.

This year has definitely held many trials, but we have faced them with the attributes that Grammar girls have always held in high regard: love; teamwork; and spirit. We were amazed at how well each and every girl enacted these qualities throughout the year, especially during remote learning.

The amount of love we witnessed was incredible. It started with our teachers, to whom we are all so grateful for providing learning resources of the highest quality to help us transition into remote learning as smoothly as possible. Equally amazing was the love our Grammar girls showed for each other. We saw girls embracing their sisters like never before in remote learning, from checking in on each other—every day, in some cases—to having Zoom lunchtimes, or simply interacting in virtual House Assemblies. We were also proud to see how contemplative girls were during remote learning; whether it was participating in mindfulness, or balancing learning with non-screen activities like exercise, family time, or baking, self-care remained a priority.

As we reflect on 2020 and celebrate end-of-year events such as the Valedictory Dinner and Annual Speech Day and Distribution of Prizes, we are proud of the attitude we have adopted, the kindness we have shown and the spirit we have brought to every occasion. As long as our Grammar sisters demonstrate love, teamwork and spirit, we are sure that in years to come, they will remember this time as enjoyable, humbling, and enriching.

Annual Speech Day and Distribution of Prizes 2020