Grammar Graduate: Tiffany Davison (2018)

Grammar Woman, Tiffany Davison (2018), talks about her love of speech pathology and music, and how she wishes to explore and pursue both passions.

What are you enjoying most about your course, Bachelor of Speech Pathology, at The University of Queensland?

It’s difficult to articulate the variety of reasons why I am passionate about speech pathology and the ways in which speech pathologists are involved in the health and rehabilitation field. Admittedly, when I first enrolled in the course, I wasn’t entirely sure what the profession was or how it would be of use to me. It was the academic challenge of the health profession that interested me most.

Now, I find myself at the conclusion of my degree with a newfound passion for diverse ability work and early intervention of child language, literacy, speech, social, and pragmatic development. I have most enjoyed the way this degree has shaped how I reflect on my own values and the community I live in. It has taught me the importance of inclusion, access, equity, and compassion.

Can you tell me more about your position as an Allied Health Assistant?

An Allied Health Assistant (AHA) has a diverse role in supporting the implementation of direct and indirect therapy. As part of my role at Seed to Sprout Allied Health Services, I wrote a blog outlining the requirements and expectations of this position for those who may be interested.

More recently, I have been working at two private paediatric clinics in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. I commute twice a week to be part of the Bambini Allied Health team. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities presented to me in these positions as they have been invaluable to the development of my clinical skills and professional identity.

You are actively involved in a variety of activities. How are you successfully balancing study, work, and your passion for music?

I have always been someone who enjoys participating in activities that suit my wide variety of interests. Even during my time at BGGS, I involved myself in as many co-curricular activities as possible. Perhaps predictably, I was most involved in the music and drama programs. Yet, my studies were always a priority. I enjoyed study groups with my friends and even joined study programs to mentor younger students. The years of juggling course work and co-curricular commitments taught me invaluable time management skills, as well as the importance of diversification when trying to achieve a sustainable ‘work-life balance’.

Since graduation, I have maintained this mindset. The opportunities to explore my academic and musical interests became more abundant and too difficult to decline. For myself, it was discovering that I did not view my studies, my work, or my music commitments as burdens. Each were of value to my mind and soul, and therefore, worthy of my attention in whatever capacity was manageable at the time. ‘Balance’ for me was appreciating and respecting how much of each I could commit to at a certain moment. For example, during final assessments, my studies consumed most of my time. However, I needed my music as a form of meditation and therapy during those stressful study periods.

It has taken time for me to appreciate that it is perfectly reasonable to have passion for more than one interest and perfectly achievable to pursue genuine careers in each—as long as you remain truthful to yourself and accede that you owe yourself the freedom to change your mind.

What do you want to do after your study?

My plans post-graduation are not yet finalised but do involve pursuing employment as a speech pathologist and continuing to work on my music projects. I’d like to allow myself time to pursue my music career in more facets than one. I am fascinated by the entertainment industry and hope to work with local businesses to contribute further to the art scene.

I have been fortunate enough to have been offered a new graduate position as a speech pathologist where I will continue to work in the disability space. In the more distant future, I plan to pursue my interest in transgender voice therapy and advocacy work.

Congratulations on releasing your first official music video, Take me by Surprise. Can you tell me more about your band MoZza and what’s next on the horizon?

MoZza is unlike any other project I have worked on. We consist of eight members, all diverse in musical experience and interests. I am the lead vocalist and manager of the project, and fellow alumna, Abbie Chadirchi (2021), plays percussion. MoZza also has jazz guitarist, Tom, rhythm guitarist and producer, Ethan, bassist, Harry, pianist and vocalist, Harper, saxophonist, Josh, and trumpeter, Ben. We take inspiration from psychedelic acts, jazz, Australian-rock, and create what we believe to be a unique and fluid sound.

MoZza was drawn together by our mutual love for the local music scene, having admired Australian artists big and small from onstage and off. We found a connection in the way we write our music and look forward to what we can continue to create together. Inspired by lunar visions and stories of homesick space travelling astronauts, we write about longing, belonging, and everything in-between.

MoZza isn’t just inspired by other musicians but by all forms of art. We are wildly passionate about supporting and collaborating with other local artists. Such collaborations include our partnership with local Brisbane artist GERM. GERM created the MoZza universe, spilling onto the band’s single art and social media, including our recent music video for Take me by Surprise.

The horizon holds many opportunities for us as a band including national travel and festival opportunities. Mostly, we look forward to seeing how our music changes as we become more familiar with each other’s writing styles and whether our audiences resonate with it.

Tiffany is supporting the upcoming Nil Sine Live event at The Lord Alfred Hotel, Caxton Street on Sunday 28 August. Purchase tickets here.

MoZza. Shot by Gabi Rankine

MoZza. Photography by Gabi Rankine, artwork by Maggie Ruffle (GERM)

MoZza band members top to bottom left to right (Tom, Josh, Abbie, Harry, Tiffany, Ethan, and Ben)