Connections for Life: From the President of The Old Girls Association

This edition of Bishbar Blue is a celebration of service.

My very first memory of giving back to the community was when I accompanied my mother on a volunteer Meals on Wheels program for people who needed this support. Even though I must have been only four years old, this experience provided me with a positive example of how each of us can give back to individuals and communities. My parents were undoubtedly the first role models for me as they volunteered in many different capacities. This was what inspired me during my time at Brisbane Girls Grammar School to put up my hand and play an active role in contributing.

The School, and its very supportive staff, provided many opportunities for students to help those in need. The Interact Club, a high school form of Rotary, was very active in this field, and I joined, becoming Vice-President in Year 11 and President in Year 12. Established in 1970, the Club celebrated 40 years at Girls Grammar in 2010, but this association ended in 2017 when the affiliation with Rotary ceased and other service groups replaced it. Today, I see many different charity-driven efforts in the School, but during my time at Girls Grammar, we were a group that co-ordinated all such endeavours.

‘Service’ can’t be defined. It’s not tangible and sometimes you wonder why you’re the only one with your hand up. From my own personal experiences, I know that my life would not be as rich, and I certainly would not feel as satisfied if I did not embrace the opportunities to serve others. It’s all about giving without expecting anything in return, then realising the returns are more enriching than you first imagined.

I hope you enjoy reading the stories in this edition of our Grammar Women, illustrating the many different generations of alumnae serving in their own ways.

Mrs Julie Caton (Cleghorn, 1981)
Old Girls Association President