Australian Secondary Schoolgirls Chess Championship

In October 2018, Brisbane Girls Grammar School won the Queensland Interschool Chess Championships for the very first time and secured a place in the national competition. On Friday 30 November, Abbey Grice (11E), Portia Konavalenko (12O), Bridgette Watkins (11R), Rachel Watkins (9R) and Sophie Watkins (12R), as well as Dr Lehmann and Ms Kempe, travelled to Adelaide to represent Queensland in the Australian Secondary Schoolgirls Chess Championships at Prince Alfred College.

On the first day, our team defeated New South Wales (3-1), then South Australia (4-0), before coming up against the defending champions Victoria in Round 3 where we were defeated. We were undefeated on the second day of the competition, resulting in an overall second place, which was a fantastic result.

Sophie Watkins (12R)
Chess Leader