BGGS Farewells Calligraphy Masters

After 20 years of expert instruction, service and loyalty to the Brisbane Girls Grammar School Calligraphy Club, it is with great sadness that we farewell Mr Eimatsu Kojima and his wife Mrs Fumiko Kojima. Kojima-sensei and his wife are both 9th-Dan Calligraphy judges—the highest rank achievable in this ancient art form. In 2019, Mr Kojima was awarded the Foreign Minister’s Commendation—the Autumn Imperial Decoration—for outstanding achievements in international fields, contributions to the promotion of friendship between Japan and other countries, and providing opportunities to connect with Japanese history and culture.

Mr and Mrs Kojima were appropriately farewelled earlier this term, where we expressed our deepest gratitude for their contributions to BGGS. We wish them all the very best for their retirement and thank them wholeheartedly for the skills and expertise they have shared with so many Grammar girls over the years.

Mrs Violet Ross
Head of Woolcock House and Calligraphy Club Coordinator

Molly Tjelder (12O), Head of Woolcock House and Calligraphy Club Coordintator, Mrs Violet Ross, Mrs Kojima, Jessica Siong (12R) and Mr Kojima

Mr Kojima with the beautiful bamboo scroll that he and his wife gifted to the School

Mrs Kojima demonstrating Sumi-e (brush painting) at the farewell