BGGS Water Polo update

We are now only three weeks from the semi-finals, with 14 Girls Grammar teams in contention for a podium position in their respective age groups. But that’s not all. With the conclusion of the season approaching, the Water Polo girls still have State Titles and the Australian Youth Water Polo Competition to look forward to in the Easter school holidays.

Throughout the season, the Open team, made up of girls from Years 10 to 12, has placed an emphasis on team bonding, as it is important for us to be a united front both in and out of the water. The friendships I have formed with the girls in my team has truly made it an unforgettable last season.

I have been lucky enough to watch my team grow and bond, but also receive an insight into the growth of the younger Water Polo players from my Year 7 buddy. Emily Edwards (7H) is a member of the 12A team and, as a new member of the Girls Grammar community, she said playing a sport is one of the best ways to get to know some of the other girls at the School. Emily started training in Term 4, before beginning Year 7, and she loved knowing that on her first day she would have her teammates around her.

The hard work, dedication, and time put into this season by all the girls will give us the best chance in the upcoming semi-finals and finals. We are sure to see some incredible results.

Lottie Johnson (12H) (BGGS Open team) and Emily Edwards (7H) (BGGS 12A team).