Book Week: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

Last week the Libellum Society celebrated national Book Week. This year’s theme was Curious Creatures, Wild Minds, so Libellum prepared events every day reflecting this theme.

At lunchtimes, Libellum members took centre stage in the jungle installation in the library foyer and read their favourite illustrated books, ranging from Les Misérables to Olga the Brolga. Each afternoon, we hosted a creature-themed film in the jungle including The Jungle Book, Jurassic Park, Madagascar, and Labyrinth. 

The Society also ran a book illustration competition. Here we invited girls to put their love of arts-and-crafts into action to create an illustration for the adventure novel, Hatchet. Entries close at the end of the month.

We also hid five ‘wild cards’ around the School with awesome prizes for anyone lucky enough to discover one of the cards. There are still some hidden, so keep searching.

Finally, from our animal-themed bake stall held during the week, we raised $145 for our charity, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Thank you to the staff and students who visited the jungle and supported our Book Week events, and especially to our Libellum Coordinator, Ms Christopherson, and the library and grounds staff for helping us make it extraordinary.

Camille Bloomfield (8G) and Dorothy Rae (8G)

The Libellum Society