Senior Drama Production

It is with great excitement that we announce the play and cast for the 2020 Senior Drama Production.

This year the Senior Drama Company will present The Book of Everything, adapted by Richard Tulloch from the novel by Guus Kuijer. The play is a heart-warming story about a child learning to act when faced with fear and injustice. Directed by Head of Drama and Acting Head of Co-curriculum Drama, Mrs Katrina Riveros, girls have commenced rehearsals and are excited to bring this whimsical story of a young boy’s imagination to life.

Congratulations to the Senior Drama Company:

Sophie Conias (11R)
Trinity Huf (11B)
Sunday McCullough (11L)
Zoe Mortimore (11E)
Josephine Kimbell (12E)
Ashleigh Brant (12G)
Jessica Mangos (12G)
Sasha McCormack (12M)
Demitra Poulos (12M)
Madeleine Pryde (12E)
Lara Triscott (12H)
Sophie Watson (12E)
Charlotte Zeljko (12W)

Mrs Gabrielle Lee
Drama Teacher and Coordinator of Drama Productions