That’s a Wrap—The Drama Studio Semester 1

Thank you to the students and drama teachers involved in The Drama Studio Semester 1 Program. During the Semester, students developed their confidence as performers and refined their improvisations skills.

In Semester 2, The Drama Studio students will engage in the creative process to create an exciting Interactive Cyber Drama performance. Please visit The Drama Studio page on Minerva for more details and to sign-on.

Congratulations to all The Drama Studio students for their work this Semester!

Girls who participated in the Semester 1 Program share their experiences below:

‘The Drama Studio is a place where you can express your love for drama and be surrounded by people that share the same interests as you (and your friends)’ – Gabbi Briggs (7G)

‘I enjoy The Drama Studio because it helps me express myself and boosts my confidence’ – Eva Lashand (7O)

‘The Drama Studio encourages me to explore in an environment surrounded by like-minded people’ – Scarlett Bennett (8L)

‘I like The Drama Studio because we play improvisation games where I have to think on the spot and develop my skills’ – Ruby Harvey (9L)

‘I have been participating in The Drama Studio for two years, and during that time I’ve always loved the friendly and interactive community. The teachers are amazing and know how to make drama fun. I will definitely continue The Drama Studio into senior.’  – Camille Cahill (10G)

Mrs Gabrielle Lee
Drama Teacher