Year 9 and 10 Drama Production Cast Announcement

It is with great excitement that we announce the play and cast for the 2020 Year 9 and 10 Drama Production. This year, the Year 9 and 10 Ensemble will present Trailer, by Vanessa Bates. The play is a heart-warming coming-of-age story that explores the theme of isolation as we follow the journey of a young girl, Jez, as she navigates a time of change. With relevance to our current climate, the cast aims to communicate a message of hope for the audience as they connect to their own stories of isolation. Directed by Ms Bonnie Towers, the ensemble has commenced rehearsals and is excited to bring this to audiences in Term 4.

Congratulations to the following girls:

  • Emily Blake (9G)
  • Caitlin Davis (9W)
  • Ruby Harvey (9L)
  • Tiena Packard (9G)
  • Elizabeth Shoebridge (9B)
  • Lily Smith (9G)
  • Jacqueline Trappett (9O)
  • Tayla Wakefield (9W)
  • Areej Abro (10G)
  • Caitlin Brough (10W)
  • Sofia Cirino (10O)
  • Tia Fitzpatrick (10M)
  • Maxine Gamer (10G)
  • Kyla Johnston (10G)
  • Emma-Rose Neil (10M)
  • Kiara Packard (10G)
  • Isabel Shorrock-Browne (10R)

Mrs Gabrielle Lee
Drama Teacher and Coordinator of Drama Productions