Gifts that keep on giving

Thank you to all Brisbane Girls Grammar School students, staff and families who contributed gifts to support the Second Chance Christmas Giving Tree this year. If you have taken a tag, please ensure you return your gift in a gift bag with the original tag firmly attached (to ensure it goes to the person who requested it) to the Christmas tree, on Level 1 of the Elizabeth Jameson Research Learning Centre by next Friday 22 November. If you have misplaced your original tag, please email Ms Coughlan, as we can organise a new tag for you.

The gifts will be delivered to Bahloo Women’s Youth Shelter and ZigZag Young Women’s Resource Centre in Week 8. Please know that all of your truly wonderful gifts and funds raised throughout the year by Second Chance assist disadvantaged women of Brisbane and their children, including those currently living in shelters, or receiving support and counselling. For many, this will be one of the few gifts they may receive during the Christmas period, and you have brought a little bit of light into their Christmas and New Year.

Thank you all for your generosity and we wish you a wonderful, safe and relaxing Christmas.

Ms Kara Coughlan, Mrs Prue Morgan and Ms Hannah Gillam
Second Chance Coordinators