Instrumental Music News

All lessons and ensemble rehearsals are underway

This week marks the commencement of all Instrumental Music lessons and ensemble rehearsals with 33 of our ensembles now rehearsing, and more than 900 students accessing lessons on campus each week. Hearing all our ensembles and students working so diligently at their musical craft to perform to audiences at signature school events is the most rewarding experience. We are eagerly anticipating hearing the culmination of the girls’ efforts at performances throughout 2022.

Chamber Winds Low Brass (L-R) Alexa Giacomantonio (8H), Elizabeth Nash (8H), Samara Kohn (12L)

Upper Intermediate Strings Festival

This week, the BGGS Strings Department took to the stage of the Old Museum Building for the Upper Intermediate Strings Festival (UISF). Our students and ensemble directors of Mendelssohn Strings and Vivaldi Strings teamed with Tartini Strings and Guarneri Strings from BGS to host this magnificent event. The appreciative audience was encapsulated by the beautiful resonance of the Old Museum auditorium. The program on the evening included:

  1. North of The Mountain by Doug Spata
  2. Colors of Home by Alan Lee Silva
  3. Fantasia on a 17th Century Theme by Richard Stephen
  4. Incantations by Richard Meyer.

UISF Thenuri Basnayake (11H) and Diya Chandy (11L)

Violinists Ella Chen (80) and Shu-Ning Liang (7O), from Mendelssohn Strings, rehearsing for UISF

International Women’s Day Concert

The Instrumental Music Department is once again staging a highlight on the BGGS calendar—our International Women’s Day Concert, on Friday 4 March at 6 pm. This signature event is always a spectacular display of the immeasurable and deeply valuable contribution that women make to the world of music. The concert features commissioned works from luminary composers and BGGS student compositions, performed by our outstanding senior ensembles. The BGGS Instrumental Music Department becomes a living, breathing celebration of musical excellence.

Ticket sales are open through Trybooking. This event sells rapidly, so please get in early to avoid disappointment.

Cellists (L-R) Charlotte Parsonage (12G), Bella Cheng (9B) and Isla Fisher (12L) rehearsing for International Women’s Day

Symphonic Winds

Performing Ensembles

Symphony Orchestra—Directors Mr Jonathan Zorzetto and Mrs Laurinda Davidson

Symphonic Winds—Director Mrs Laurinda Davidson

Chamber Strings—Director Mr Michael Patterson

Chamber Singers—Director Ms Clare Finlayson

Chorale—Director Ms Clare Finlayson

A performers’ sound check will take place on Friday 4 March, following the below timeline:

3.10 pm—Isabella Pak (12O) and Dorothy Rae (10G)

3.30 pm—Chamber Strings

4 pm—Chorale and Chamber Singers

4.30 pm—Symphonic Winds

5 pm—Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Singers

5.30 pm—DOORS OPEN

6 pm—Concert starts.

MSG News

Thank you to the parents who assisted with serving pizzas at the Upper Intermediate Strings Festival this week. Our next event is the International Women’s Day concert on Friday 4 March.

Unfortunately, we cannot serve food or drinks before the concert, however, assistance in helping with ticket registration and ushering would be appreciated. Please sign up here, if you are available to help.

Our next meeting was originally scheduled for Thursday 3 March; however, we will be postponing this meeting until Thursday 10 March so that we can meet on campus. All music parents are welcome to join us at 6 pm in the Choir Room.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

Looking Ahead

  • Friday 4 March—International Women’s Day Concert (BGGS – CLC Level 1) 6 pm
  • Thursday 10 March—MSG Meeting (BGGS – Choir Room) 6 pm
  • Tuesday 22 March—Junior Band Workshop (BGGS) 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm
  • Thursday 24 March—Autumn Choral Concert (Roma Street Parklands) 6 pm to 7.15 pm