Last weekend, three teams represented the School at the 2019 Opti-MINDS regional competition. The competition began with the ‘spontaneous’ section of the challenge. Girls then completed challenges for which they had been preparing in the six weeks leading up to the competition. All teams performed well and their presentations were innovative and creative.

The ‘social science’ section was engaging, with teams exploring the concept of wisdom and how it affects society. Congratulations to Team 1, comprising Ava Gerbino (7E), Eloise Mitchell (10G), Annika Nayak (10R), Olivia Stanton (7H), Jenete Thottunkal (8O) and Juliet Thottunkal (10O) for their intriguing solution and performance that won them Honours on the day. Our second team comprising Emma Armitage-Ho (9R), Amelia DeSouza (9R), Isabel Shorrock-Browne (9R) and Rachel Watkins (9R) also performed well and should be proud of their efforts.

The Science Engineering team designed and built a machine that separated and moved a statue to higher ground and then reassembled it without the girls touching the machine once they had set it in motion. The team performed well, presenting innovative and insightful solutions to their challenge. Congratulations to Trish Chow (8H), Emily Clayton (8L), Carmen O’Connell (8E), Tiena Packard (8G), Janet Su (8E) and Mathilde Wernham (8G) on also being awarded Honours.

All girls are encouraged to continue with their Opti-MINDS journey next year as they showed great potential and have gained much from the experience.

Mrs Hazel Boltman
Head of Gibson House and Opti-MINDS Coordinator

Social Science team 2

Science Engineering team

Social Science team 1