Students Showcase Creativity in Opti-MINDS Competition

Earlier this term, BGGS entered three teams in the Opti-MINDS competition. This contest focuses on fostering creativity, teamwork, and problem solving. This year proved to be a challenge as we were required to participate in the competition remotely. We chose to enter the Language Literature category. Solutions were presented in a 10-minute play in which we made our own props (from a sustainable source list) and script. The plays were recorded at school. We also participated in a spontaneous challenge, which asked participants to curate creative responses to a stimulus.

The Language Literature Challenge asked students to incorporate a character from a given list, into a story from another list, portraying how their character adapted to the new story and how the story changed due to the character. We had three teams, one bringing Harry Potter into the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and the other two bringing Sherlock Holmes and Dora the Explorer into Hatchet.

The groups’ flights of fantasy were fun to follow and provided an exciting challenge that every girl enjoyed. We were most impressed by the creativity and resourcefulness of our peers. The spontaneous challenge, in which we had only five minutes to prepare, asked students to produce their most creative responses to the silver linings found in the remote learning period.

Congratulations to Team 1 comprising Sienna Askew (8L), Camille Bloomfield (8G), Keira Crouch (8G), Levi Gao (8G), Dorothy Rae (8G), Vani Ranjan (8G), and Anshika Singh (8R) on receiving Honours and a Spirit of Opti-MINDS Award. Well done to Team 3 comprising Audrey Duffield (7W), Ava Gerbino (8E), Freya Pearn (8H), Ruby Robinson (7W), Shanae Sirimana (7L) and Olivia Stanton (8H), who also received a Spirit of Opti-MINDS Award.

Team 2 also performed well, with Taylor Antel (9L), Claire Ellem (9B), Annie Liu (9B), Zarli Min (7H), Tiena Packard (9G), Aniese Uppal (9G) and Sabrina Yong Gee (7H), showing great promise. Well done, girls.