Zooming in … with our Digital Photography Club

The automatic assumption nowadays when you hear ‘zooming in’ is that a group of people are about to meet online—in our context, for a lesson, fitness session or music rehearsal.

I’d like to take you on a journey back to our pre-COVID days and an earlier interpretation of the term, to highlight some of the wonderful enrichment students receive through the School’s Digital Photography Club.

Organised by Senior Curriculum Developer for Technologies, Mrs Maggie Loye, and supported by Coordinator of Clubs and Activities, Mr Michael McGrath, the aim of the Digital Photography Club is to facilitate and inspire students with a passion for modern photography in all its various guises.

What’s wonderful about this club is that it has continued to engage students while we’ve been learning from home, and by all reports, the time and space students have had to stop and really observe their surroundings—to ‘zoom in’—has led to some deeply felt artworks and very rich learning.

Currently studying abstract photography, students have been experimenting with patterns created with food colouring, dish soap, oil and milk, and tested refraction photography using water. While it may not be immediately apparent, these girls are actually deepening their learning about scientific principles and making observations and judgements about their world through a creative, artistic lens. This is something I love about our Co-curricular Programs. Co-curricular learning occurs organically, among students of all year levels who are brought together by a shared interest. These connections are so important to our girls, who often find their ‘tribe’ through these activities, as well as make a connection to a teacher who shares in their interest as well. These small, yet deeply meaningful links build and strengthen our community.

Other topics covered by the Digital Photography Club this year include architectural photography, black and white photography, camera basics, landscape and nature photography, light painting, macro photography, mobile phone photography, motion blur, portraits, sports photography and video. Considering this breadth, the club really is an excellent forum to explore the creative wealth that BGGS proudly promotes.

Of course, to complement the creativity, students are also empowered to learn about the technical aspects associated with digital photography. Meeting each fortnight, students learn to deconstruct the components and maximise the use of all features of the DSLR cameras, discuss different approaches to taking well-composed photographs across different genres, use industry standard post-production software, and enjoy sharing and discussing their photos. Girls join because of their interest in digital photography, and our hope is through participation in this club, students will be equipped with a skill set that not only entertains them, but enriches and enhances their futures. We also encourage students to attend photography conferences, exhibitions and submit their work to competitions.

Ms Ellena Papas
Dean of Co-curriculum

The images below are student and staff examples of refraction photography—the latest topic explored by the Digital Photography Club.