Return to School on Monday

We are prepared for the return of School to Spring Hill on Monday and I know while we are looking forward to this very much, many may still feel uncertain. It has been an enormously challenging period for our students and their families, and for our staff and theirs. The experience of quarantine is at another level to that of lockdown of course and I hope that you have fared as well as possible in the circumstances. Currently, we have five students who have COVID, in addition to multiple family members associated with those girls, and they will require our ongoing care and support.

The Parent Survey results will be published in BGGS News today. Thank you to all parents who completed the Survey, the information has been very helpful to guide our course. There was a high response rate and the sheer volume of words in the comments reflects the intensity of people’s feelings at this difficult time. The level of fatigue, the financial implications for many and the mental health issues that were already at play will have been significantly compounded by this experience. Our community has been greatly buoyed, however, by how supportive everyone has been of one another. Even when dealing with very difficult personal situations in some cases, people have remained, in the main, philosophical about what is unfolding around us and continue to feel, largely, grateful that we continue to fare better than many.

We have been working closely with Brisbane Grammar School to share resources and approaches, seeking to provide consistent information and support to our shared families, particularly given we now have this even more concerning variant in our midst. We are of course different schools so our circumstances will sometimes be different–and we recognise that our families will have children in a vast range of schools across Brisbane–but wherever we can streamline information and smooth the transition back to campus, we will.

The Girls Grammar staff, academic and professional alike, have navigated the complexities of operational delivery, seeking to maintain good judgment and make right decisions while dealing with an avalanche of information. They have given their all to provide your daughters with the best possible remote learning experience and care, and been rewarded by the great sense of purpose they bring to their work and the privilege of educating our intelligent and optimistic Grammar girls. They are truly a joy.

Today, will undoubtedly be another day of some frustration as you interpret the advice you are receiving to take account of your personal circumstances in order to exit quarantine at midnight. I hope that you and your daughters have found some moments of particular closeness and hopefully happiness during this, unasked for, period of home isolation and that you can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine tomorrow.

We look forward to the return of our students on Monday.

Ms Jacinda Euler