A new podcast series for BGGS

Over the past decade, how we access information has changed dramatically. Thoughtful, well-researched articles have become increasingly scarce, replaced with statements contained to 140 characters, shared instantaneously, without pause.

Yet, in these times of ‘clickbait’ and fake news, the need for such writing, from respected and authoritative sources, is arguably more important than ever—for both author and reader.

The task of essay writing forces the author to not only access their knowledge of, and expertise in, a particular discipline, but to think deeply about how to share this information in a way that captures and resonates with their readers. In our often hyper-busy lives, authors today have been required to consider if an essay is the best or only way to communicate their message.

For the audience—despite the deluge of information we are bombarded with—the opportunity to access authentic, meaningful and relevant content appears to be diminishing. Perhaps the pace of modern life, combined with this overwhelming volume of content, means that we have, to our detriment, become accustomed to the ‘surface layer’—a brief synopsis, facts in bullet point, a headline.

BGGS, has, for the past decade sought to contribute accessible, researched argument to the public debate through Insights, a project created to share the opinions, scholarship and learned experience of senior staff with the School, and broader, community.

It is time, however, for a review and so next week we will launch Illumine, an extension of the original Insights concept. This new project is, as its name suggests, designed to enlighten, to brighten the often dull and somewhat negative content landscape with thought-provoking, interesting and timely essays and discussions on topics relevant to education.

Twice per term, the School will share staff essays, to be followed by a more in-depth conversation with me on their topic, in the format of an interview-style podcast.

This exciting new project allows us to adapt to changing ways in which we consume content, without compromising the high-quality, intellectually stimulating material the School aspires to create and share.

It is my sincere hope that Illumine will encourage dialogue and scholarly debate about the current educational landscape, and the values and philosophy of the School among staff, current families, prospective parents and the wider community.

All pieces and podcasts will be distributed through BGGS News. Our first ‘guest’ will be Deputy Principal (Academic), Dr Bruce Addison, whose essay on the power of educating with hope will be shared in next week’s edition of BGGS News, followed by a podcast the following week.

I hope you enjoy the new format.

Ms Jacinda Euler