End of Term 1 2019

Today was another exciting day at Girls Grammar–full of athleticism, colour and spirit with the Interhouse Cross Country at Rangakarra. Whether the girls were running for a win or running for their House, cheering the many teachers who competed or enjoying the wonderful food and encouraging support of our parents, it was a beautiful end to the term.

I know that our girls are very eager to run in to, or flop down in to, this April holiday break.

At significant times in our calendar like these, however, we don’t want them to pass too quickly without recognising that we have an opportunity to consider as a society, as a school, as an individual why these traditions and rituals, even such as the Interhouse Cross Country, are important and what truly matters to us. For many families this particular holiday period is one when you go to the same spot, with the same people at the same time each year, and the repetition of that ritual provides stability, a sense of security and particular meaning for you.

One of the most important and most appealing aspects of the Easter holiday period for me has always been that it seems quieter, more peaceful than at other times. Christmas is always exciting but often hurried at the end of the year, trying to find the right gift, prepare the right food. It’s hot. Around this time of year life seems more still and simpler than at other times. There is an opportunity to reflect on what truly matters, to get to the heart of things.

For, as we know, the world is an increasingly complex place and when we experience such dastardly examples of what humans sometimes do to one another, as we have seen in Christchurch, it can be hard to make sense of it. And it seems to be that at such times, there is a deep yearning in our collective psyche–common to all of the myriad races, religions and cultures that are part of our richly diverse Australian society–to orient, or re-orient, our lives toward life and light, healing and peace.

I hope that all of our families enjoy a wonderful holiday period and look forward to the girls returning safe and ready for another exciting term ahead.

Ms Jacinda Euler