End of Year 2022

There are some years that have an almost ‘surreal’ quality to them. This was one of them. Having experienced so many changes during all of our ‘COVID years’, 2022 brought us even more, particularly at the very beginning—a delayed start, the impact of flooding, and then the experience of COVID and influenza. But we have navigated these disruptions once again, by drawing upon the deep experience, commitment, and strong sense of purpose shared by our staff, the support of our families, and the eternal optimism of our students.

This year, together, we have achieved so much.

Our academic results have been outstanding as we have continued to rigorously refine the new system. Our ATAR and NAPLAN results are testament to our willingness to try new things, challenge old ways and reinforce what we know to be true—that deep learning and external benchmarking success are not mutually exclusive.

We have adapted to new and flexible ways of working, recruited seemingly endlessly and rigorously, with new staff so excited to be here. And our students have staged concerts, drama performances, created exquisite art, excelled in sport, and contributed in so many ways through service.

As society moves forward, institutions are so important. And they evolve. Girls Grammar does too. This year we have furthered the initiatives that support wellbeing; formalised our sustainability initiative building on the years of work of GECO and Grammar Goes Green; and had our Reconciliation Action Plan endorsed. Many will have heard our Acknowledgement of Country and understood that through Uralla—and other forums—mature conversations have been inclusive and helped us to create something meaningful.

These are all works ongoing.

In the year ahead we have much to look forward—a new iteration of our Strategic Design will reimagine a broad liberal education for a contemporary world, the master-planning process has begun and we are preparing for the 150-year anniversary celebrations in 2025.

But for now, I hope that all of our families are looking forward to the festive season ahead and a genuine break, some down time, and family time with those we love.

Thank you for your support and best wishes.

Ms Jacinda Euler Welsh