Girls Grammar’s Indomitable Spirit

Sporting competition has been threaded through the historical fabric of Brisbane Girls Grammar School since its earliest days. With such a solid foundation, it is no surprise that physical activity and sport are integral to the lives of Grammar girls, and that so many of the School’s athletes leave BGGS highly skilled and empowered to become fine sportswomen.

Girls Grammar remains one of the largest competitors in the Queensland Girls Secondary Schools Sports Association (QGSSSA) and club competitions; typically around 300 girls play water polo in the BWPI competition every season, nearly 150 girls sign on for rowing, netball is immensely popular with BGGS fielding more than 20 teams, and at cross country sessions 80 to 100 will enthusiastically train as a united and spirited team.

Grammar girls understand the many and varied benefits of sport—skill development, the thrill of competition and testing yourself to the limit, team spirit and friendship. Last year, during remote learning, we were reminded that the essence of the BGGS Sport Program doesn’t hinge on premierships or results, but rather the value of exercise, the personal growth experienced in sharpening skills and the joy of being part of team bounded together in pursuit of a collective goal.

The recent QGSSSA Cross Country competition—in which BGGS placed third (by just one point!)—is an excellent example. Although our girls competed individually in their respective races, their indomitable spirit was most apparent when supporting their peers, cheering from the sidelines, or sharing words of encouragement as they passed one another on the course.

We are always incredibly proud to learn of the achievements of Grammar women who go on to sporting success around the world. Kirby Short (2003) captained last year’s Brisbane Heat Women’s Big Bash League to a second consecutive championship; Sarah Tisdall (2015) stroked for the 2021 Cambridge team that won the world-famous annual Boat Race between Cambridge University and Oxford University; and of course, there are the Grammar women featured in this edition of Bishbar Blue, whose inspiring stories of dedication and resilience, I hope you will enjoy reading.

Ms Jacinda Euler