Happy Holidays

It has been such a rewarding term. Our teachers have worked incredibly hard to deliver challenging and interesting learning experiences, our Student Care team has supported our girls and their families through the vicissitudes and inevitable challenges of our lives, and the long list of accomplishments—from the magnificent Cathedral Concert at St John’s Cathedral, 2021 Senior Drama Production, The Book of Everything, and the multitude of sporting events and achievements, to our Year 12 girls discussing the important issue of consent education in the national media—all of which reminds us that nothing can be achieved without hard work and how proud we are of what has been accomplished as a result.

I remain deeply grateful to our Parent Support Groups for the enthusiasm, hard work and warm embrace of our parents that has done so much to help all feel welcomed and included, build connection with our School and strengthen our community. The Rowing River Social was a relaxed and happy occasion, the Fathers Group Dinner had all of the warm collegiality of shared experience, and our Mother and Daughter Dinner last night, attended by over 1000, displayed the intelligence and humour of our debaters—‘Snap Chat is better than Real Chat’—and the joy of simply being together.

We end the Term today with all the colour and spirit of an old fashioned ‘break-up day’ (for those of us old enough to remember the excitement of egg-and-spoon or three-legged races and the excitement of ‘exotic’ watermelon) at Interhouse Cross Country, being held in the beautiful outdoors of Rangakarra.

There is a complexity in our society at this time that can be quite fatiguing, so I hope that all of our families are able to spend time with loved ones these holidays, stay safe and have some fun ahead of the wonderful things we have to look forward to in Term 3.

Best wishes.

Ms Jacinda Euler