Naming of the Elizabeth Jameson Research Learning Centre

This week, readers of BGGS News will notice a new—but familiar—addition to the newsletter: From the archive: the Insights collection. At the end of 2018, the School published its ninth Insights anthology in what was conceived initially as a nine-volume (one volume for each House) series. Throughout 2019, as we contemplate the next iteration of academic articles penned by our staff, a selection of archive articles will be unearthed, so to speak, and refreshed through reflective commentary from the original authors. It will be fascinating to discover what has changed in the world of education since original publication, be it five, seven or even nine years ago, and what has remained the same.

To start the retrospective, I am delighted to share with you Deputy Principal (Academic), Dr Bruce Addison’s article, ‘Looms and weavers: teaching and the creation of knowledge and wisdom’, and look forward to sharing weekly ‘fresh’ Insights with new Girls Grammar families throughout the year.

On Tuesday night, in honour of the extraordinary contribution of Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s former Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ms Elizabeth Jameson, the School officially named the Elizabeth Jameson Research Learning Centre.

Opened in March 2015 by His Excellency, the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, the Elizabeth Jameson Research Learning Centre is a building of unique and inspiring architecture, and is much loved by girls and staff alike. Housing the Beanland Memorial Library’s 55 000 resources, the building recognises and affirms Ms Jameson’s enduring legacy of service, contribution and dedication to the School, as well as her commitment to life-long learning and girls’ education.

As many Girls Grammar families will know, Ms Jameson has a long relationship with Brisbane Girls Grammar School. She attended the School as a student, following in the footsteps of her grandmother, who had also attended BGGS, and was Head Girl and Head of Gibson House in 1982. To this day, Ms Jameson’s love for the School is evident; she has regularly spoken of her belief that the education and broader experiences provided by Girls Grammar helped to form the platform on which she built her future career.

In 1994, Ms Jameson became a member of the Board of Trustees, becoming Chair of the Board of Trustees in 2006. Her impressive term of service to the Board exemplifies a remarkable commitment to volunteerism and to contributing positively to the community—qualities she developed during her time as a student at the School.

During her tenure on the Board of Trustees, Ms Jameson saw many significant School projects unfold, including: the opening of the Cherrell Hirst Creative Learning Centre in 2007; the purchase of Rangakarra Recreational and Environmental Education Centre in 2013; the introduction of Year 7 and the opening of the Research Learning Centre in 2015; and the awarding of the first Brisbane Girls Grammar School Bursary in 2017—an initiative particularly dear to Ms Jameson’s heart.

Ms Jameson’s thoughtful, steadfast and progressive leadership and dedicated service to the School leave a profound and enduring legacy. The building’s new name, officiated in a plaque now installed at its street-front entrance, ensures Ms Jameson’s contribution and fine example will be remembered each and every day by staff and students.

Ms Jacinda Euler

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ms Julie McKay; Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ms Elizabeth Jameson (2006 to 2019); Former Chair of the Board of Trustees, Dr Cherrell Hirst AO (1996 to 2006); and Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler at the naming of the Elizabeth Jameson Research Learning Centre in 2019

Ms Elizabeth Jameson with the plaque at the entrance of the Elizabeth Jameson Research Learning Centre.

Guests outside the Elizabeth Jameson Research Learning Centre.