New Board and Student Leadership Appointments

One of the dominant themes of this week has been ‘leadership’ with the appointment of a new Board of Trustees and Chair, the Head Girls and Student Leadership Induction, and the presence of all Support Group Presidents at our Welcome to New Parents Reception.

The School was pleased to announce that the new Board has been appointed and Ms Julie McKay (2000) has been elected as Chair. The announcement coincided perfectly with the Induction of Martina Marrama (12G) and Jessica McLeod (12M) as Heads Girls. Ms McKay’s speech was, quite simply, stunning. She spoke of the importance of leadership for a purpose and the inescapable imperative of authenticity, and represented an inspiring model of leadership for all Grammar girls.

It was, of course, just three months ago at Speech Day that we farewelled our longstanding Chair of the Board, Ms Elizabeth Jameson, who was deservedly honoured and celebrated for her extraordinary contribution to Brisbane Girls Grammar School over 20 years on the Board of Trustees. Ms Jameson was deeply appreciative of the support and kindness of the School community and passes on her thanks below:

‘As the new Board and newly elected Chair, Ms Julie McKay, settles into the governance of the next exciting chapter in the life of this great school, I extend my warmest congratulations and best wishes to them. I know the School is in good hands with this Board and, of course, our exceptional Principal, Ms Euler. I would also like to take one moment to thank the entire School community for the delightful farewell I was afforded at the end of 2018. To the many people who were so warm and generous in their good wishes—I thank you sincerely. 

As a past student, a Trustee since 1995 and Chair since 2006, I have spent the majority of my life strongly connected, in one capacity or another, to Brisbane Girls Grammar School. I hope that in that time I have managed to give back even a fraction of the value—in terms of a deep sense of purpose—that I have gained from this involvement. My love for, and connection with, the School will not cease and I look forward to experiencing the School’s community from another perspective in the future.’

I hope that our new families feel as welcome and willing to become involved, through the Parent Support Groups and other avenues, as our new girls appear to have been with their exuberant embrace of all that Girls Grammar offers. They will no doubt sleep very soundly this weekend.

Ms Jacinda Euler