Week 2, Term 2

I hope that parents are finding new—and often very positive—ways to navigate the complexity of remote learning with their daughters. We are aware that while the extent to which each Girls Grammar family is affected will vary greatly, all will have been, and continue to be, affected by the coronavirus situation.

Thank you to all of those parents who took the time to complete our first pulse survey over the weekend. We are pleased to provide an overview of the results in BGGS News today.

Parents are invited to join our Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ms Julie McKay, and me in an online forum at 8 pm next Thursday night. This will provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions about the School’s response to COVID-19, in both the short and longer term, and to provide additional feedback.

The responsiveness of staff in moving, so quickly, to a new mode of delivery is testament to their dedication to the education of the girls and determination to always be at the forefront in their efforts. Never have they worked so hard but already we are seeing positives emerging—new skills, new possibilities for more versatile delivery in the future—and a strong sense that the School is more united than ever. Interestingly, a recent national survey highlighted not only the worrying impact of COVID-19 on people’s mental health and sense of wellbeing, but also that Australians are enjoying an increased sense of solidarity that had become, increasingly, eroded in our society.

All staff have been appreciative of, although not surprised by, the focus, creativity and courtesy of our students. As one teacher told me, both how very, very kind her students have been as she grapples with new technologies and how proud she is to have been ‘forced’ to learn new skills for this next stage in her professional life. The girls have shown a resilience, patience and adaptability that will serve them well in to the future. And while we acknowledge the disappointment many feel about the unpredictable unfolding of the academic year, we must remind ourselves that we are a mere third of the way through 2020 and there are still many opportunities ahead. Many girls, particularly Year 12, are starting to express an awareness that, in the end, they may just emerge as the ‘special’ ones. We do know, however, that all girls and all staff are very eager to return as soon as possible.

We are continuing to forge ahead with our ongoing projects—the Science Learning Centre, as many will have seen, continues to emerge above the School and is still on track for opening at the start of 2021; our latest Illumine podcast is being released today, complementing Director of English, Ms Jo Genders’ piece in last week’s BGGS News; and on Monday we launched Bishbar Blue a new digital publication, distributed to 7 500 Grammar Women around the world, and acknowledging the foundation their Girls Grammar education has provided them as they contribute to the world through their studies, their careers and in their homes, families and local communities.

BGGS remains committed—through the education we provide and the willingness of our staff and students to be active participants in the shaping of our society—to face the challenges ahead with confidence and determination, always understanding the importance of our motto Nil Sine Labore.

I hope this week’s edition of BGGS News provides you will some valuable information in your busy lives.

Ms Jacinda Euler