Illumine – Grammar Women

In early 2022 we introduced a series featuring notable Girls Grammar alumnae. These thoughtful discussions aim to shine the spotlight on what these inspiring women have achieved since graduating from BGGS, explore the experiences that helped to set them on their path to success and reflect on their time as a Girls Grammar student.

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Sarah, Lily and Abi

Did you stay in touch with your secondary school after graduation, or perhaps reignited old connections at a reunion years, or decades after graduating?

Being part of a school’s alumnae community can be a treasured addition to one’s sense of community and belonging.

In this episode of Illumine—Grammar Women, host and Principal of Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Ms Jacinda Euler Welsh, interviews three recent alumnae of the School: Sarah Wilkey (2018), Abi Ashford (2017) and Lily Cilento (2015). These graduates reflect on how events, mentoring and other opportunities have deepened relationships with their peers, teachers, and further generations of students.

Dr Wendy Page

Of the many university students that graduate in medicine each year, few dedicate their lives to working in remote and underserviced communities—committing time and resources to studying less well-known tropical illnesses and working to ensure that ‘community health’, really does include ‘working together’ with the peoples from that community. 

In this episode of Illumine—Grammar Women, Ms Jacinda Euler Welsh speaks with alumnae, Dr Wendy Page (1972), who has worked as a General Practitioner for more than 30 years, specialising in tropical diseases and focusing her work in remote First Nations communities in north-east Arnhem Land. Dr Page was recognised for her contributions in 2021 when she was named the Northern Territory Recipient for Australian of the Year.

Cathy Milliken

How many Australians have worked with some of the greatest classical musicians of our time? In fact, how many people can say that they were passionate and brave enough to pursue a successful, forty-plus-year career in classical music—performing and composing music all over the world in operas, chamber music, theatre and film projects?

In this episode of Illumine—Grammar Women, Ms Jacinda Euler Welsh, hosts renowned oboist, composer, and music educator, Ms Cathy Milliken (1973), to discuss her successful career in the world of classical music.

Sophie Matterson

How many people have trekked the whole way across Australia—from Shark Bay in Western Australia to the most eastern tip of Byron Bay in New South Wales? And not only that, but to also bring along five camels as company for the five-thousand-kilometre-long journey that spanned two years?

In this episode of Illumine—Grammar Women  host and Principal of Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Ms Jacinda Euler Welsh, interviews alumnae and former Head Girl, Sophie Matterson (2006) about her amazing journey across Australia with her five camel friends, Jude, Delilah, Mac, Clayton, and Charlie.

Susannah George

How many of us have seen an opening in the market, had an idea for a new product, or identified a sector that was struggling, and thought, I know what might help to solve this issue? Now think about how many of us have followed through on this idea—taken the plunge and pursued a dream, or passion—only for it to fail, or flourish?

Welcome to the second episode of Illumine—Grammar Women, a podcast that highlights the fascinating stories and achievements of Brisbane Girls Grammar School alumnae. Hosted by Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler Welsh, this episode features alumnae, Susannah George, who went on to found one of the largest independent media companies in Australia and New Zealand—The Urban List.


Gabriella Palm and Abby Andrews

Welcome to Illumine—Grammar Women, a podcast series that highlights the interesting stories and achievements of Brisbane Girls Grammar School alumnae.

In this first episode, Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler Welsh, interviews former students, turned Olympic Water Polo athletes, Gabriella Palm and Abby Andrews. In this candid conversation, they discuss what it was like to compete at an Olympic Games amidst a global pandemic, the challenges and great rewards they each found by forging a sporting career overseas as young women, and how they balance full-time elite sporting commitments with their tertiary studies.