You: How Nadine Cameron is empowered to inspire the next generation of women in tech

Nadine Cameron is the kind of teacher you want educating girls and young women. With a professional background in the IT industry, our committed Technologies Teacher is passionate about encouraging young women into traditionally male-dominated fields. At BGGS, Nadine is empowered to challenge the status quo, and inspire students to explore a career in tech.

The adage that ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’ does not apply in Nadine’s classroom. Having started her career in IT, not only is she familiar with the industry’s lacking female representation, she’s an example of overcoming gender-based bias.

‘I was previously working in an environment that was quite heavily male driven,’ Nadine said.

‘I started to feel that if I took my expertise and used it to empower girls to forge careers in the tech industry I could have a much bigger, and more important impact.’

After pursuing a career in education, Nadine joined BGGS more than a decade ago, where she has been empowered to not only help girls reach their potential but to simultaneously reach hers.

‘I’m trusted to use my skills and experience to push myself to find new and creative ways to inspire our girls.

‘There’s way more interest in technologies here than any other school I’ve been at, which is exciting. Certainly, my long-term goal is to show the girls how important it is to study digital technology, even if they aren’t interested in a traditional IT pathway’.

Nadine’s ability to learn extends beyond the classroom. An avid runner, she brings this passion to the School’s Cross Country team, coaching the girls and demonstrating in yet another way, that they can challenge the status quo.

‘I suppose my thoughts are, rather than “breaking a mould”, I don’t think there needs to be one in the first place—why can’t we achieve across different spheres?’ Nadine said.

At BGGS, we empower our staff, as well as our students, to do this—to pursue their interests and learn, regardless of how different they are.

But success is not always defined by academic achievement for Nadine. While it is a priority, she says her main responsibility as a teacher is to instil a love of learning in her students.

‘I think it is really exciting to provide a great environment for young women to learn what they love and develop beyond adolescence. And because we are so well resourced, we can create a really rich learning experience for them. It makes my job even more enjoyable.’

Nadine enjoys the support given by her colleagues, and said she never has to go far to find a helping hand.

‘Having worked in industry, you do not always find people who are all as motivated and working towards the same goal—it can feel very individual. Here, it is very collegial and team focused. We work together, and I have felt more supported and empowered here than any other job I’ve worked in.’

With highly engaged colleagues and a true passion for education, Nadine is excited about her future with Girls Grammar.

‘I want to encourage more girls to pursue this area of learning and not perceive it as a “male” subject—our girls know that, and they are the ones going out into the professional world and helping to change the status quo. To know I’ve been able to contribute to that—that really is me having the biggest, and best, possible impact I can have’.