Our Cormorant Statue

The bronze sculpture of the cormorant situated on the Stage Lawn is the work of alumna, Kathleen Shillam (O’Neill, 1933), and her husband, Leonard Shillam. It was a gift to the School by the Class of 1993, chosen by Head Girls, Esther Jenkins (1993) and Judith Hadwen (1993).

The sculpture is a compelling piece, the bird’s regal pose and focused gaze on the distance a metaphor for secondary school students—poised at the point of new responsibilities and challenges. The cormorant stands confidently on its banksia stump, knowing who it is, aware of its surroundings, and ready to launch itself expectantly and confidently toward the future.

It is a tactile piece. Students love to rub their hands over its cool surface, enjoying the sensation of the smooth metal. They also love to ‘dress’ it in various outfits or colourful streamers. Blue Days are particularly favourite occasions for this adornment.

The cormorant is a work of art that makes a subtle but powerful impact. Its solidity and elegance give the impression that, like the School, it was created as something worthwhile and lasting.

Mrs Kristine Cooke
Director of Information Services

Judith Hadwen [left] and Esther Jenkins [Head Girls 1993] look very pleased with the Seniors’ gift to the School. They are pictured with the cormorant sculpture by Kathleen O’Neil (1933) and Leonard Shillam.

The Cormorant on Blue Day