The Swimmer

Rebecca Brown (1994) attended BGGS from 1990 to 1994. In her senior years, Rebecca studied Art under the guidance of Mrs Megan James and Mr Donald Pincott.

Rebecca had spoken to her ceramics teacher, Mrs James, about building something relating to the theme water.

‘It was Mrs James who suggested I create a swimmer. The interest in swimming was because BGGS was so strong in swimming, particularly in that year (1994).

‘I made numerous sketches of a swimmer to become familiar with the body, and I was quite fond of the finished product.’

On visiting the Art rooms former Principal, Mrs Judith Hancock, saw the clay sculpture and immediately decided it should become the Year 12 gift to the School. Although Rebecca was not part of the decision, she was very proud that her piece was chosen.

‘During the casting process for the bronzing my clay piece was damaged and broken. In return for this, I was given the original cast so that I could get another bronzing done. This was never done due to the expense and after many years of this cast sitting in the garage my father threw it away. I’m so pleased my original piece remains at the School today.’

The Swimmer has held pride of place in the McCrae Grassie Sport Centre foyer since 1995. It is a beautiful reminder for all students of the fluidity and grace a swimmer possesses as well as her strength and purpose. As part of the School’s Art Collection, it is also an illustration of the Girls Grammar’s esteem for students’ work.

'The Swimmer' by Rebecca Brown (1994)