2019 School Photos

The second day of official school photographs will take place on Monday 29 July. There will be a number of photographs taken on this day, including:

  • Co-curriculum photographs
  • Sibling photographs
  • ‘Catch-up’ Year 12 Head Shots
  • Year 12 Photograph.

Parents are asked to remind their daughter/s to carry their Student ID card with them to the photographs. Order envelopes from MSP Photography for the Co-curriculum photos will be distributed to students via House Group following the photo day.


While it is essential students wear the correct School uniform at all times, we ask that special care and attention is paid to the following details for the official photographs:

  • Skirt (pressed with the hem sewn up)
  • Blouse (with nothing in the top pocket)
  • Black stockings (white socks are unacceptable)
  • Cleaned and polished shoes
  • Ties–buttoned in the correct position and with only House and School badges
  • Leadership position badges and the Sports Brooch (if applicable) should be worn correctly. No other badges may be worn.
  • Approved jewellery items only (in accordance with the Uniform Policy)
  • Blazers with two buttons are required (jumpers, vests and scarves are not permitted).

Blazers will be buttoned for the photograph. Hair is to be tied back or neatly plaited with correct ribbons. Please note, no make-up is to be worn.

Ms Sarah Frew
Associate Dean