2020 School Photos

Official school photographs will take place on Friday 17 July. On this day, individual portrait photographs will be taken, which will then be used to develop composite group photographs for all House Group, House, Generational, Leadership and Co-curriculum photographs.

For students absent on the main photo day, a catch-up session has been scheduled for Monday 10 August.

Please remind your daughter/s to carry their Student ID card and bring their MSP envelopes with them to the photographs.

Dress Code

In accordance with the School Uniform Policy, it is essential students wear the correct School uniform at all times, however, we ask that special care and attention is paid to the following details for the official photographs:

  • Skirt (pressed with the hem sewn up)
  • Blouse (with nothing in the top pocket)
  • Black stockings (white socks are unacceptable)
  • Cleaned and polished shoes
  • Ties—buttoned in the correct position with only the House and School badges, leadership position badges and the Sports Brooch (if applicable) are also required. No other badges may be worn.
  • Blazers with two buttons are required (jumpers, vests and scarves are not permitted)

Blazers will be buttoned for the photograph. Hair is to be tied back neatly with correct ribbons. Please note, no make-up or jewellery is to be worn, with the exception of watches and, if your daughter has pierced ears, sleepers or small, plain studs (gold or silver only).


Order envelopes from MSP Photography have been distributed to your daughter/s in their House Group and will need to be completed and handed to staff at the photography sessions.

Ms Sarah Frew
Associate Dean