2022 BGGS Study Buddies

The BGGS Study Buddy Program involves Year 11 students volunteering to become study buddies with interested Year 7 students. Senior students assist their buddy in developing useful study habits such as organisation, time management, prioritising, and spelling and reading strategies.

Year 11 students will receive training in these areas so they can effectively assist their buddies. Each pair of study buddies aims to spend at least 30 minutes each week together at a time negotiated between themselves, using a quiet space in the Library.

The Study Buddy Program has been hugely successful in the past and many students have benefitted from the wisdom of older students’ experiences at the School.

We encourage as many students as possible to join in to share their knowledge and skills, and aim to have pairs working together from Week 5.

Girls wanting to participate in the program should contact Study Buddy Coordinators, Mrs Paula Quinn or Mrs Kate Kildey, before the end of Week 4, or access the Study Buddies page on Minerva to find further information about the Program.

Mrs Paula Quinn
Study Buddy Coordinator
Head of Chinese