BGGS Badminton Players Prepare for QGSSSA Competition

We welcome all Girls Grammar Badminton players, parents, coaches and supporters to the 2020 Badminton season.

Congratulations to Joanna Hu (12R) and Christabel Huang (12R) on being elected as 2020 Badminton Captains. Joanna and Christabel have been involved in Badminton for a number of years and I am confident they will lead the girls to another successful season.

Our coaches for this year are Miss Diana Davey, Mr Yisuen Kaw, Mr Xin Liu, Miss Grace Ngiam, Mr Bill Wang, Miss Annabelle Wong and Gramma Women, Miss Christina Chan (2018), Miss Angela Chang, Miss Jocelyn Chen (2017), Miss Jessica Crawford (2018), Miss Kimberley Huang (2015), Miss Starr Lee (2017) and Miss Josephine Tuntomo (2016).

We wish all Badminton teams the best for their QGSSSA Badminton fixtures on Saturday 10 October (Open, Senior and Year 10) and Saturday 17 October (Years 7 to 9).

For further information about the School’s Badminton schedule, please visit Parent Portal.

Mrs Joanne Nisbett
Badminton Coordinator

Badminton Reports

Open – Senior Divisions Badminton
Last Friday the Year 10, Senior A to D, and Open teams travelled to Brisbane State High School (BSHS) to compete in a practice competition. Under the guidance of our coaches, each girl focused on improving her skills and team communication in the friendly games against BSHS. Congratulations to all girls on their strong performances; it was pleasing to see everyone improve throughout the competition. As the Badminton season draws to a close, we hope each girl has been able to improve in some way and that they continue to love this amazing sport as much as we do.

Joanna Hu (12R) and Christabel Huang (12R)

Year 10 Badminton
Last Friday’s games provided our team with the opportunity to practice playing against other teams in preparation for the QGSSSA competition in October. In addition to these practice matches, teams have been training hard after school, focusing on serving, diversifying shots, footwork and fitness. Everyone has improved greatly since the beginning of the season, taking the challenges of this season in their stride, and we are all looking forward to what promises to be a very exciting QGSSSA tournament.

Anna Butler (10G) and Kyla Johnston (10G)

Year 9 Badminton
Being able to execute skills that we have learned in training, such as the forehand lift and backhand clear, was a highlight of last week’s competition against BSHS. It was fulfilling to see that we could use these techniques effectively in a game environment. An especially useful and challenging aspect of these practice games was strengthening our ability to adapt to our opponent’s game play, as well as overcoming our nerves in a game environment.

We hope all Year 9 Badminton players can continue to improve, and refine their skills and techniques. Thank you to Mrs Nisbett and all coaches for their ongoing support this season.

Evelyn Ma (9R) and Renee Liang (9M)

Year 8 Badminton
On Friday 11 September, Year 8 Badminton players participated in their first practice game against BSHS. Remarkable improvement was made throughout the competition, especially in our serves and footwork—this progress would not have been possible without guidance from our three coaches. Our team is very much looking forward to the QGSSSA competition.

Tiffany Chen (8W) and Cathy Lin (8W)

Year 7 Badminton
One of the highlights of Year 7 Badminton was our first game against BSHS. We have improved so much already, from our serving techniques to our ability to score correctly. Our wonderful coaches have been very supportive during training sessions and games. I look forward to the QGSSSA season and training with my team.

Nandika Sadana (7B)